Top 5 Way to get Targeted Traffic to your Website

Top 5 Way to get Targeted Traffic to your Website

Ever since we make a site we always wanted that people visit our site. And get us on the top of the Google Ranking. Because when you get to the top of the Ranking then only the real traffic comes and at this point. You don’t have to worry about the traffic coming to the site as these are people who are searching for the website content you are having on your website or blog.

top 5 way to get the tarffic

The question is’ how to get traffic and that too targeted one’ is not easy that is to get to the top of the Google Ranking is not a cakewalk but following some methods. You will always get a good amount of traffic that will be a targeted one. Here is a top 5 ways to get targeted traffic on your website.

Best 5 way to get targeted traffic

  1. Use Phrases: Make some posts on How to stuff, How to Do Things. Write Steps to something like if your blog is on the computer then make some How to stuff on installation. Always try to use phrases.
  2. Research: Researching is important as when you do Research. You tend to get the deep knowledge that will help you to get targeted traffic to your blog or website. So do some research so as to post accurately.
  3. Attractive Posting: Know what people like to hear as many blogs are based on General Knowledge and Current Affairs tends. To get a good amount of traffic as people tend to come to these sites as they are always wanted topics. Make some posts according to the visitor group.
  4. Use an Attractive heading: Search Engines knows only Titles and the Text, so it first looks at the Title. So try to make the Articles Title Attractive. example like Top 5 Tips, Top Golden Tips, Ways to Make, etc. These are the ways in which people are always interested and always come to read a paragraph is not feasible while reading 5 points is good and easy so people will come. Also, make the right bold and spacing between the lines and the paragraphs or keywords.
  5. Reduce Bouncing Rate: Try to keep the post simple and easy to understand. which will make the user look to your other posts. Because if the user is visiting your website and just bouncing away is not at all good for your site. Try to reduce the Bouncing Rate to a minimum.

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