Why CD/DVD for Backup than on Portable Hard Drives

Why CD/DVD for Backup than on Portable Hard Drives

Back up is necessary for a computer to restore the previous configuration and data. When critical situations arrive at data safety and computers available to the users when some disaster occurs. This post is for intended all the computer holders and data keepers. People who are maintaining computers in schools, colleges, or any workplace. Where you need to keep the data backed up daily, weekly, monthly, or in 3 months or whenever you do it. So it is difficult to decide which one better CD/DVD or portable Device.

 Why CD/DVD for Backup than on Portable Hard Drives
Why CD/DVD for Backup than on Portable Hard Drives

Many of us buy Portable Hard Drives, Thumb Drives, Portable Media Devices. Some buy CD/DVD bundles to make more reliable backup. Also provide the recovery of the data fully, and gives custom backup options to the administrator.
But what is right is always remains in the back of our minds. Let us find some of the points so that we can conclude over the main point of using the CD/DVD or Portable Hard Drives.

CD/DVD or Portable Devices

  1. Cost – Cost is the major factor to decide the better option. When your backup is 100 MB-200 MB then you don’t have any problem. But if the data is 100 GB – 500 GB or more than that at this time the problem comes. And we need solutions and the right perspective towards these situations to handle these big problems.
    Coming to this post in this cost criteria CD/DVD backup wins over the Portable Hard Drives most of us to use. Portable Hard Drives costs more and CD/DVD costs less. Are good manufactures also you can replace the CD/DVD’s that you find is not good. So you get the total assurance to get the quality but this not the case with the Portable Hard Drives. So in this particular case CD/DVD wins.
  2. Reliability- I will tell my story on this as I experienced it. I made a project and burned a CD and also keep one copy on Pen drive. But with time my pen drive got viruses. Then my Antivirus detected all the exe files in it as they were viruses and removed them. When I put the CD in the drive and run it. All the data are exact the same as before. When my software project was running correctly.
  3. Capacity- You will not get capacity much on the CD/DVD’s but you can find more capacity in Portable Hard Drives. The difference in capacity is not a minor one but the difference is more than 100-500 GB’s which matters.
  4. Time to get things Recovered – CD/DVD’s take more time to set up. Also, have the limited speed to write the data but Portable Hard Drive is comparability have much, much faster rates to transfer the data which makes it possible to restore the system up and running much faster.
  5. Media Life- Once made can not be erased(if not rewritable is the property of the CD/DVDs. And can live years without degrading the media quality, but this is not the case in Portable Hard Disk. As they can be erased with just a click and can be formatted. also, a virus can attack the whole data leaving the data unusable.

Which is a better CD/DVD or Portable device?

CD/DVDs are good for backup at the critical stages but you can use Portable Hard Disk in-home or works that do not need to be critical. I prefer CD/DVD because I don’t want to spend on Portable Hard Disk Hope you like this post do leave comments about this.

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